I am currently building the Linux containers service at Netflix, also known as Titus. I mostly code in Go and focus on Linux container execution. Docker, cgroups, namespaces, Linux networking, AWS, etc.

Not long ago, I hacked distributed systems at Heroku, in the Runtime team. We packaged code when people did git push heroku master and we ran code inside dynos. Arbitrary code execution as a Service, on Linux containers.

A while longer, I was the Lead Engineer and Manager of the Cloud Computing team at Locaweb. Together with my team there, we built one of the biggest cloud computing, infrastructure automation and virtualization projects in Latin America (Xen and VMWare), with more than 4000 virtual machines.

I am a developer passionate about programming languages, compilers/interpreters/virtual machines, virtualization (hypervisors), operating systems and computer networks. I am also a co-author of the “Arquitetura e Design de Software” (Software Design and Architecture) and I have been speaking in great conferences, such as RailsConf 2011, QCon SPRails Summit Latin America, LinuxCon/XenDirections Latin AmericaConexão Java, Campus PartyFISL, JustJava, Falando em JavaWebMobile TechWeek 2007, RejectConf SP’07, Maré de Agilidade, Ruby e Rails no mundo Real and others.

I graduated from Escola Politécnica, in the University of Sao Paulo. I also have some certifications. To be honest, I don’t care too much about them, but if you are curious:

Nowadays I mostly use Macs, but I am also a Linux user since Guarani Linux 3.0. I started programming professionally in 2002 with Java, 2005 with Ruby and I have lived in Germany, where I worked with Java Web development. For many years, I was a proud instructor of Caelum, where I helped make a well known Java training center become also a well known Ruby training center in Brazil. I also did a lot of consultancy,  in-company courses.

Finally, I also have some opensource contributions, and I have been a member of some opensource projects such as VRaptor, Codehaus Waffle, JettyRails and Caelum Stella.



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