Status report: new job, new life

I’m sorry my last post was about three months ago. But, I have a good excuse: I’m just married!
(and I took a nice and fast honeymoon vacation)

Besides that, after three happy years, full time at Caelum, here is the shocking news: I’m now part of the Locaweb team!


This was (and is still being) a very hard decision. People close to me know, that I have a nice and strong relationship with Caelum. Man, I love the company!

I’m feeling very strange, because I’m sad I’m no more full time at Caelum and, at the same time, I’m extremely excited with the new challenges which are about to come. My decision to join Locaweb, which is a really good place to work, just proves I’m very anxious to make a good job there. Other than that, I’m going to sit near very known people as my friend Fabio Akita and Daniel Cukier, just to cite some.

I’m joining the talented Cloud Computing team and I hope I can help them to improve the Cloud Server product. An enormous responsibility!

Cloud Server

Locaweb is a huge company and I must admit I’m a little bit scared with the size of things there. They have many teams working on a big diversity of challenging products. They even have their own Datacenter! Locaweb already embraced agile and people there are very open minded, because as a hosting provider, they have to deal with almost all kind of technology.

Because of my work prior to Locaweb, I know the expectations on me are quite high. I like being honest and just to be clear, I’m not better than anyone. I’m relatively new to this area, so I still have too much to learn. Fortunately, I already know many people at Locaweb and I really believe they will help me start being productive. Additionally, there are areas I know I can give something. I’m joining to help, not to prove anything to anyone.

It’s also important to say, that I couldn’t fully leave Caelum. I’m still part of the team, as an instructor, and I keep helping them in many areas, such as the book, courses, textbooks, internal discussions, events, talks and where else I can.

Arquitetura e Design de Software - Uma visão sobre a plataforma Java

That’s it. Comments, questions and feature suggestions are, as always, welcome. As a cloud provider, I’m happy to hear what would you like to see in a cloud product and what can we do to help you scale and earn profit.

From now on, I stop referring to Locaweb as “they” and instead as “we at Locaweb …”.