Soda is cheaper than Water

(at least here in Brazil)

These prices were taken from, Sao Paulo, in the date of this post. Compare them:

Soda (Brazilian Guarana):

Guarana Tai

Versus standard natural Water:

Agua Indaia sem gas

The soda has approximately a R$ 0,92 price/liter ratio, versus R$ 1,25 price/liter of the natural water bottle. Some years ago, I would never imagine soda being so much cheaper than water. This just show us how the world is really turning fast.

Even being more expensive, I have no doubt that water is simpler than soda, and more healthy too. Hey, they use water in soda production process!

My message:

Even when the flavored (more complicated) solution seems to be cheaper and more attractive, many times the simpler solution is more healthy.

Think about it when making your next decision about technology and software design. Please.